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A lifetime guarantee on your beautiful smile.

With modern technologies and the expertise of our dentists, the road to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile was never easier. Be proud of your healthy smile!

Non-metal crowns

Crowns are prosthetic replacements that mimic natural teeth in shape, size and color. They play an important role in re-establishing all functions in those places where teeth are missing.

Dental implants

They are the best solution in the case of missing teeth, and also in the case of complete toothlessness.

X-Ray imaging

Our X-ray department "ORTOPAN digital" is a well-equipped dental X-ray center in which we provide digital imaging of jaws and teeth, as well as imaging of individual teeth.

Tooth fillings and tooth treatment

Removing cavities and adding tooth fillings is a painless procedure with us. By using anaesthetics, we create the ideal condiitons for calm and precise work, without stress and fear.


Do old amalgam fillings need to be replaced?

Your dentist will properly determine if the fillings need to be replaced or not. If they are properly done and if there are no visible cavities around the filling itself, the replacement can be postponed. These fillings need to be replaced if cavities exist around/under them, if they're cracked, or if any pain is occuring in the tooth in question.

What causes cavities?

Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. Cavities, also called tooth decay or caries, are caused by a combination of factors, including bacteria in your mouth, frequent snacking, sipping sugary drinks and not cleaning your teeth well.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Advantages of implants are plenty, primarily in the biological sense. With implants the bone's function is returned, and with it the proper function of muscles. They also stop atrophy (degradation) of the bone. No scraping of natural teeth is needed, and functionality and aesthetics of your dental system is improved.

Are bridges better than implants?

When a single tooth is missing, and there is enough of healthy bone, and if gums and the surrounding teeth are healthy, implants are advised because they don't damage surrounding teeth. In order to have a bridge done to solve a missing tooth, two neighbouring teeth must be scraped (the bridge carriers). Bridge is often done in cases when implants aren't an option, when bridge carriers are already indicated to have veneers done, or on patient's wishes.