All-on- 4

If you are tired of wearing a temporary prosthesis that does not fit well and irritates your gums, then the All-on-4 technique is the right solution for you, because your temporary prosthesis will be replaced by fixed work.

The innovation of this technique is that it enables the entire prosthetic construction (from 10-12 teeth) to rely on only 4 implants of adequate length and width that are installed in certain parts of the jaw

The two rear implants are placed at an angle of about 45 ° instead of at right angles, and longer screws are used for these two positions. The other two implants are most often placed in positions where they used to be doubles. These attachment points guarantee perfect stability of future dentures. It is important to note that on the All-on-4 construction we apply the Toronto bridge. That is, a fixed bridge that simulates the gums and is fixed to the implants with the help of a support. The All-on-4 technique can be applied to both the upper and lower jaw. The intervention is simple and short-lived, and the teeth on the implants completely act like natural teeth.