Dental X-Ray Imaging

Our X-ray department “ORTOPAN digital” is a modernly equipped dental X-ray center in which we provide digital imaging of the jaws and teeth (orthopan) and imaging of individual teeth (dental radiogram).

Orthopan (orthopantomogram) is a radiological image of the upper and lower jaw with the jaw joint and all teeth. With a detailed dental examination, it helps us to fully assess the condition of your mouth and teeth, make an accurate and precise diagnosis and make an appropriate treatment plan.

Our digital orthopedic imaging device, from the renowned Finnish company “PLANMECA”, provides an extremely high quality, clean and optimally exposed image, which we get in a few seconds. Advanced software, with numerous image processing tools, allows us to easily and completely analyze the image. Orthopedic imaging is performed by specially trained dental nurses with many years of experience in dental radiology, who undergo additional training and education according to the rules of the Department of Radiation Protection.

First of all, we want to break down prejudices and show you how much truth there is in the fact that dental imaging is dangerous for our health. Namely, we are constantly exposed to radiation in all life situations and in every place, and we cannot avoid that. Radiation comes from the earth, atmosphere, objects around us, food, objects and things we use… The average effective radiation dose, which we receive in a year in our geographical area, is 2.4 mSv, which on a daily basis is slightly less than 7 µSt. During a single tooth imaging (small image), we were exposed to a dose of about 3 µSv, which is less than half of the daily radiation dose. Digital imaging of the jaws and teeth – orthopan (large image) exposes us to radiation up to 35 µSv, which is the usual dose we receive in 5 days. Therefore, we believe that dental imaging is a fairly harmless and justified diagnostic method, because it allows dentists and doctors to make an accurate and timely diagnosis, which, from a medical point of view, is the most important.