Endodontics / dental fillings

Caries is a disease of hard, mineralized dental tissues, enamel and dentin. The causes of caries are certain bacteria from dental plaque (layers of bacteria glued to the enamel), which, using sugars from our diet, create an acidic environment on the surface of the teeth. That acidity is key to the beginning of caries, ie. demineralization and disintegration of enamel and later dentin.

Caries, further progresses deeper into the structure of the tooth and it is an irreversible (irreversible) process, which, over time, leads to inflammation of the “nerve”, ie. pulp (soft, unmineralized tissue in the center of the tooth). Untreated or inadequately treated pulp inflammation causes inflammation of tissues and bones in the area of ​​the root tip of the tooth, which leads to serious infections, often with complications and tooth loss. So, it all starts with ordinary, small caries, and therefore even the smallest caries should be removed as soon as possible, because it will, sooner or later, surely ruin the tooth.

We remove caries and fill teeth painlessly, with the use of anesthetics, and thus create conditions for calm and precise work, without tension and fear. We establish excellent communication with patients and explain each phase of the procedure, thus achieving predictability in work and willingness to cooperate, which greatly contributes to our and your success. A filling definitely closes a cavity in a tooth after removing caries or treating a diseased tooth. The filling therefore needs to compensate for the lost part of the tooth, restore its function and aesthetics. Due to extremely poor aesthetics and possible toxicity, we do not put amalgam (metal) fillings on our patients.

For fillings, we use the latest generations of helio (white) fillings made of composite materials and giomers with nanoparticles, from renowned companies. These materials, in addition to exceptional physical and chemical properties, hardness, minimal contraction, resistance to abrasion and wear, also have exceptional aesthetic characteristics. With that, we will make your teeth aesthetically and functionally perfect, with all the features of natural teeth.