Non-metal crowns / Zirconium & Ceramics

Want a perfect, natural smile? Zirconium and ceramic crowns and bridges, made with CAD/CAM system, represent the pinnacle and perfection in modern prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry, not only in our country, but also in the leading countries of the world.

Zirconium is a natural mineral, which is used in dentistry in the form of stabilized zirconium dioxide, which is sintered at high temperatures. Its physical and chemical properties give it an absolute advantage in the construction of crowns and bridges.

Biocompatibility – zirconium is bioinert and does not cause any allergic reactions on the tissues of the oral cavity. The gums (gingiva) remain light pink in contact with the zirconium crown, and also non-irritated and healthy.

Aesthetics – top notch, perfect! Zirconium and ceramics have almost the same optical properties (transparency, translucency, opalescence …) as dentin and enamel. Therefore, in the color of zirconium-ceramic crowns there is “liveliness”, “depth” and “pearl” as well as in the color of natural teeth. It gives them unsurpassed beauty and a natural feel. Please note that zirconium and ceramic teeth cannot have a “metal edge” caused by gum retraction, as with metal-ceramic crowns.

Strength – sintered zirconium has extremely high strength and resistance to bending and cracking. This creates the conditions for us to make dental spans of large spans.

Low thermal conductivity – allows us minimal preparation (grinding) of teeth and reduced risk of irritation of the dental pulp (nerve). The construction of zirconium-ceramic crowns and bridges is a computer-controlled process. With CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacture) and fingerprint scanning, we achieve exceptional precision (up to 10 microns) and minimize the possibility of error. The advantage of this technology is reflected in the fact that the morphology and modeling of crowns and bridges are performed by computer, with special software. Only when the virtually designed prosthetic work is finished and controlled by the software, we start the machine production of the mentioned work, which is also computer-controlled and automated. Therefore, such prosthetic work represents perfection in today’s dental prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.