Crowns are made in cases when the tooth is weakened or destroyed by a carious process, with a fracture of a larger part of the tooth, a change in color or an atypical shape.

They are made of porcelain on the basis of metal or zirconium alloys, on materials that have durability and give exceptional aesthetic effects. With proper care and maintenance, the average age of the crown is always over 10 years, and when they are replaced, the reason is the withdrawal of the gums or the need to intervene on the teeth that are in front of the crown.

Veneers have the advantage that the grinding of the teeth is minimal or they can be done without grinding when there are gaps between the teeth. Before they are made, the depth of the bite, the degree of abrasion of the natural teeth and the absence of bruxism are checked in order to assess the factors that could affect their making. Extracting one or more teeth creates a space in which the teeth move and increases the pressure on the remaining teeth, which helps the first goal when planning bridges which is: always establish a full dentition and proper bite. This creates the necessary preconditions for the production of permanent and beautiful crowns and veneers.